United by the spirit of matakwane, the new trio plays transcending music, defining journeys to outer regions. International variety brings music beyond cultures to this group.

Treating genres equally without mediocrity, but with compassion as well as intellect.

The blues, Balkan rhythms, psychedelics and outbursts of energy are typical for this trio, but don't be surprised when they mellow out and let you float around like a lucid dream. Anything goes.


Trying to not step on cables whom are behaving like flute-brainwashed cobras is one of Jorrit’s specialities.

Tip-toeing on little soundboxes, he makes sure that psychedelic visions start to spin your mind over with shrieking feedbacks and sloppy virtuosity.


The kind of bass player who can keep strong rhythmic structures and weave melodic patters through erupting volcano-like violence shall always be nicknamed Marko Curcic. His stamina is unrivalled. Wearing the grooviest shirts or all, Marko is always responsible for most of the money-maker-shaking.


Everybody knows The Animal from the muppets, but after seeing Aleksandar play, you will never associate this nickname with any children show anymore. His outrageous outbursts are already legendary. BUT, when teaming up with mr. Curcic, wetness is guaranteed.